Our Technology

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Facial Recognition

With APACINTL, you can easily detact human faces including small, sideways and blurry faces.

Body Key-Point Detection

ApacIntl supports 15-points positioning of human body, including human body, heads, shoulders, arms, legs and other parts. It could effectively help to detect different kinds of body movement.

Target Recognition

ApacIntl provides target recognition technology that can be widely used for various applications, e.g. Safety Helmet Identification, Defect Detection, Staff behaviors.

Key Benefits

Overcoming lethargy

It is human to be tired, making them more prone to errors, especially after long working hours.

Where human resources are limited, ApacIntl’s systems can be applied. For example, 24/7 security surveillance


Our systems are all built to our client’s needs, meaning that additional features can be added to each system if needed.


ApacIntl’s systems are all easy to deploy and can be retrofitted to some of the client’s existing systems to suit their requirements, addressing their needs

Make your world smarter and safer.