Our AI Fever Detection is designed to identify people who have a fever. During an outbreak, this system quickly scans all people who pass and alerts when someone with an elevated temperature is present.

How does it work?

Camera Interface

Thermal View

The camera is able to use thermal imagery to measure the person’s body temperature.

Augmented by ApacIntl’s Facial Recognition, it will only target human heads and not other hot objects.

Visible Light View

The camera is also able to track in the visible light spectrum, meaning that when the fever detection system is not needed, the system can be used for other purposes.

Add-on features

ApacIntl’s systems are all customizable and addtional features can be added on. For example, mask detection can be added to the Fever Detection Sysmte

Thermographic Detection System vs Manual Temperature Taking

High-speed Multiple target temperature detectionEach thermometer is only able to take 1 person at a time
Higher efficiency with lowered manpower costProne to human errors with higher manpower cost
24/7 monitoring is possibleHeavily dependent on manpower
Can be implemented together with other ApacIntl systemsThermometers are for a single purpose only
All-in-one systemThermometer, cameras and staff are all not linked

Camera Specifications

Effective temperature range: 30℃~45℃


Resolution:Thermal imaging 384*288/

Visible Light 1920*1080

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